Friday, May 1, 2015

Body Pump still has it going on

That quote couldn’t be anymore true! About three months ago I rekindled my love for Body Pump and have never made a better fitness decision. For those of you who have not heard of this amazing class here is the Wikipedia description;

Body Pump classes are 60 minutes long and contain eight separate muscle-group specific songs or "tracks" along with an opening warm up track and closing cool-down track. 
The classes are performed to music using free weights-plates, barbells and an aerobic step. Participants choose their weights based on the exercise and their personal goals. Major muscle groups are worked via series of compound and isolation-based exercises including squats, presses, dead lifts. The focus is towards muscle endurance using several repetitions. 
A normal class consists of 10 tracks each lasting between 4 and 6 minutes. 

Let me tell you this class is AMAZING. Quick history of me, after a really bad breakup a friend brought me to my first body pump class a few years ago to take my mind off my heartbreak. Boy did it work, this class was my new loved and I made sure I went 3 times a week well then life happens, you meet a new boy, get a new job, life changes, different things demand you time ( enter any other excuse here) and I stopped going. A year or two after I stopped going the gym closed so I couldn’t go back if I wanted to. Fast forward to January, my current gym offers Body pump but it was almost impossible to make it at the times offered after work and I couldn’t drag myself out of bed if I wanted to at 5 am for the morning class. Well when I signed on as an Advocare Distributor I also signed on with a great team and my Sponsor was a body pump instructor, her amazing arms alone were enough to make me want to hit up class again

Now 4 months later I am soooo glad I did this, I can already see the changes and my muscle tone. I am also proud to say when the alarm goes off at 4:45 on body pump days I jump out of bed, get dressed and mix up my Spark and get my bootie to class! I am finally a morning exerciser and I now bring my best friend with me to class! Win-win. It is going to be tank top weather pretty soon and who doesn’t want tones shoulders and arms.... yes I am that person who takes shoulder/ back pictures just to see progress

Another exciting plus is all those squats and lunges will strengthen my legs for my marathon training... score

How many of you have tried Body Pump? Love it, Hate it, have no opinion either way?

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