Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hi folks.  Jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) bandwagon, I figured I would share with you my new love for cooking clean and meal prepping. Truth be told most of my week day meals will look the same as Wednesday, due to working and getting in my training runs I meal prep on Sunday and put all my meals and snack in containers so I can just grab one during the week.

Wednesday is an early gym day for me; Alarm Clock goes off at 4:45. Get up and get ready. All my food for the day goes on my Lunch ( Lulu) bag. Take the dog out and mix up my Spark for my work out and head out the door for the gym

I take my 60 min Body pump class and shower at the gym. While I am getting ready I mix up and drink a protein shake to hold me over and feed my muscles. Once I get to work I heat up my egg muffins

I love the egg muffins so easy and tasty. These are my current favorite made with Egg Whites, Almond Milk, Turkey Sausage, Baby Spinach and Grape tomatoes. Mix everything up and pour into a muffin tin and presto a healthy breakfast for a few days. Some days I will have some fruit mid morning but today I got busy and time got away from me

Around 12:30 my stomach starts to tell me it’s time for lunch. I am really looking forward to my Crockpot Thai Chicken; I promise you it is tasty even if it looks like dog food! This is a clean recipe and so no guilt about eating it. Today I served it with Rice Noodles and Brussels sprouts, but can be put with any sides you enjoy. I am totally on a rice noodle kick right now, I love that my local whole food has a prepared foods bar where I can choice Rice noodles are my carbs

Later in the afternoon around 3:30ish its Spark time again! If you notice coffee isn’t a big part of my day, I have almost entirely replaced it with my yummy Advocare Spark. It’s a Vitamin & Amino Acid Supplement that is sugar free and gives you the energy and caffeine of coffee but without a crash later on
At 4:00 it is time for my afternoon snack of Greek yogurt and this really hits the spot today. I can be hit or miss with yogurt but I have been really craving it lately and it tides me over for my commute home from work.

 Once I arrive home, I take the dog for a long walk. He’s been cooped up all day and needs to get some energy out and who would want to walk for this view every night?

It’s been a long day and I’m really craving a big salad... I had Hummus Chicken prepared for dinner so I cute it up and put it on a huge salad consisting of baby spinach, carrots and avocado. For dressing I just mixed together some Balsamic Vinegar, olive oil and a little oregano and it really hit the spot. 

A confession is I love huge salads so much I went out to Crate and Barrel to by their 7” bistro bowls because the bowls I had at home could not accommodate my love of salads and these are perfect. #truelove
After a few Netflix episode of scandal it’s off to bed. 

Do you meal prep? 
What is your confessional love affair food item?
What are you currently watching on Netflix?

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