Monday, May 25, 2015

Boston's Run to Remember

Somehow Memorial Day weekend has snuck up on me and it was time to run the Run to Remember. I was alittle nervous going into it because I hadn't been running as much recently, I've been really into taking classes at the gym and between Body Pump, Yoga, and Spinning a few times a week I just haven't found the time. I've been really looking forward to this race and everyone said what a good time it is so I was still excited.

It's an early morning I set my alarm and was out the door by 5:30 am but first my pre-race necessities of Spark, O2 Gold, and Arginine Extreme

Gu is my fuel belt and Rehydrate in my water bottle and I was good to go! Not pictures is my Peanut Ptrotein smoothie with a banana and the apple sauce I ate en route to the race.

I ran with two of my friends and we park at one of their office buildings and walked ~1 mile to the start line. Of course I now though I had to go to the bathroom, they got in the line for the men's room and I went to the line for the women's room and said we would met back in the middle. Of course the women's line was extremely long and not moving, it was now 10 minutes to start time and I was afraid I would miss it. Then a volunteer said there were 100 port-a-potties outside with no lines, I go outside and of course there are lines but it moved quickly. I texted me friends to say I may not make it back to meet them and we may just have to see each other after the race. 

There were so many people and at this point I was stuck in the back which is not where I want to be

So I started moving through the crowd and trying to find my friends, but first I found the Nesquick bunny

Just when I was going to give up I spotted my friends and made it to them about 30 seconds before the start. The first mile or so was really crowded and you had to be careful, the streets of Boston took a beating this winter and there was a lot of potholes. 

This race benefits fallen members of the Boston Police Department so the police support on the course was great. I was running behind a man that had a shirt with the Boston Marathon logo and it and on the back it said " Thank you BPD for saving my life" the running community and the BPD will always have a special bond.

At about Mile 3.5  we crossed over the Mass Ave bridge and ran along the Charles River in Cambridge,  after about a mile we did a U turn and ran the other way 

The view of Boston was so beautiful. Around mile 5 there was police care from surrounding towns lined up with their lights flashing and officers cheering for the runners it was pretty great
( I didn't think to take a picture when I was running on the same side so I had to take one on the loop back)

Miles 6-8 we a struggle at one point we ran over a bridge with a grate like surface and the really aggravated my calf injury but I knew I was more than half way there so I just pushed on

I've never been so happy to cross back over the bridge into Boston because I knew I only had 3 miles left. ( I measure all run in how many laps around the lake it would be- I run around the lake in my home town and it's 3 mile so that distance is like second nature to me) the last 3 miles took us by the Boston Commons, Financial District and back to the Seaport for the finish. There was a small hill going back into the Seaport and it felt like heart break hill at this point, my calf was really hurting me and I just wanted to be done. I really pushed through to the finish and was shocked when I looked at my Garmin afterwards and my pace was 5:48 for that last push. Which kind of disappoints me because I feel I could have pushed harder if I had that pace left in my tank for the finish.

Sweaty selfie but done and Medal received, this medal was really cool it's a replica BPD badge

Not my best race but love the course and the support. My next races are a 5K and the a 10K so hopefully will get my running mojo back for them. Now off to foam roll and get ready for the week.

How did you spend your long weekend? 

How did you get your running mojo back after some bad races? 

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